Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Something new...is better old?

So I'm going to "antique" a chair to use as a prop and decor. I wanted to test it out on a 25 cent frame I had first.  Just in case this didn't work at all.   I found a tutorial and decided it was easy enough so I hoofed it down to the Wal Mart and got some supplies.  Here's how it all went down: 
All you need is a candle (just for the wax), a can of spray paint, and your item to be antiqued.  Here's the fun part.  Rub candle wax where you ant to see the old come through. 

Areas like the edges and corners look best. 

I got a bit carried away, because I wasn't sure if it was going to work or not, so I pretty much covered the frame in wax.
Next I took my spray paint:
and went to town!

Of course where the wax was looked like my frame grew warts,

Anyway, after much impatient waiting finally I got to scrape away the wax!

Really, that's all you do.  Scrape off the wax with something you don't mind getting gross.  I used an old cookie dough shaper.  And after some serious scraping:

Ta Da!!! Yay!! A cool antiqued frame! Not bad for 25 cents huh? I'm seriously pumped to do the chair! I will share when I get the time!