Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's in a house?

That which we call a house by any other name would still be a home.  Ok sorry for the cheesy Shakespeare reference but I can't help myself.  I though I would let y'all in on what we are looking for in a house, since we haven't found one yet and I cant blog about all the cute things we are doing to our non-existent-at-the-moment-house.  Here's our trailer sweet trailer covered in snow (sorry it's the only recent photo I have):

As you can tell it's just plain jane.  We don't want a plane jane house.  We have requirements that strictly prohibit any "plain-ness" when it comes to our future casa. There are alot of things to consider and here's a list of our requirements:

1. Laundry room.  I don't want a laundry cabinet that hides behind two doors in the kitchen (I've noticed waaay too many of these, right by the fridge i might add lol).

Granted, this one looks fairly organized, I just preferr a room.   I also don't want to keep my washer/dryer in the garage and freeze/sweat depending on the time of year while folding my clothes.  I'm amazed at the people who can do this, because I HATE the laundry with a passion and will certainly, therefore not make sacrifices to do it!  I need a room where I can fold, hang, and comfortably move clothes around.  I have a tiny room right now that you can barely open  the door to squeeze in and put some clothes in the washer. I'm dreaming of this bad boy:

2. Two +  bathrooms.  Ok what girl wants their guests (or their guests kids) using the same bathroom she keeps all her personal items in? Not me! I don't want people going through my stuff and seeing my shampoo and soap in the shower.  It just bugs me, not to mention if you have overnight guests who have to use the same bathroom to get ready in! Traffic jam!  I would much rather have a sweet little hallway bathroom that's free of my junk and has a nice roomy shower or tub for my guests to use.  Preferably an immaculate one lol.

3. Fenced in yard.  I have two dogs that like to run off.  Skynyrd is a hound and can get really distracted by smells, so he tends to just wander off and sniff everywhere.

 Honey is a Morkie and she's all about the boys.  She's not fixed (we thought we might breed her later) and she will run off to find the boy dogs.

 The only way to get them back is to pretend to go for a ride and honk the horn.  It's effective but I don't want to have to be paranoid that my dogs are gonna get hit.  They're like kids to me, big, furry kids.

4. 3 + Bedrooms.  Ok so this one is a bit more flexible, but we just really want a house with room! Eventually we will have kids and they will need a room, and we want an "office" where we can put our computer/junk.  Not that we're pack rats or anything, I would just like some extra storage space instead of a pile of junk with nowhere to go.

So that is the condensed list of requirements.  I feel like we're being a bit picky like a bad episode of House Hunters, but they are flexible! What do you think? Am I being a diva?

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